Take Your ITAD or e-Waste Business from Chaos to Clarity

Companies in the e-waste, or ITAD, business are doing important work recycling used electronics equipment and reducing contamination of landfills, but when it comes to their own balance sheets and operations, they sometimes find a bigger mess. NetSuite and The Vested Group provide the technological infrastructure that streamlines this risk-mitigating and environmentally-conscious approach to electronics recycling and reuse.

“We provide a high-level service to companies whose existing legacy systems keep them from growing and moving up the value chain. We work with NetSuite to provide a complete, scalable solution that helps them make order out of chaos.”  - The Vested Group.

You can learn more about the business management solution for the ITAD and e-waste industry, reVESTED, by submitting your information below:

reVESTED NetSuite Screen Shot